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Breathe New Life Into Your Decking

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Wind, rain and frostRefresh your decking

can all leave their mark on decking over the course of winter. When spring arrives and your garden slowly comes back to life, restoring your decking to its former glory deserves a place on your to-do list.

Power wash, sand and paint your way to decking perfection, just in time for summer.

Project Overview
Tasks Time needed
Step 1 Clean up: Powerwash the decking and check out any areas that need repair About 1-2hrs
Step 2 Perk up: Sand and refresh with a lick of paint or stain About 4hrs
Step 3 Protect: Seal and protect with a top coat About 4hrs

Step 1 – Clean up

Power wash the dirt away

Step 1 - wash your decking

The first step towards revitalised decking is power washing. Designed to restore the original look of the wood and wash away grime in record time, this therapeutic task helps boost the longevity of your decking.

Remove any outdoor furniture from your deck and sweep away any loose debris the winter has left behind. Pull on your wellies and turn on your pressure washer. Adjust the nozzle to a low setting to suit the wood and blast every inch of your decking with a stream of water. Ensure the nozzle always remains more than six inches away from the surface to avoid damage. Work your way from one side to the other in wide sweeping motions and watch dark shades give way to the decking’s original colour.

Once free from winter-hardened grime, inspect the condition of your decking and check if any repairs are required. Removing tough dirt with a power washer should reveal any hidden issues.

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Step 2 – Perk up

Sand and smooth your deck

Step 2 - Sand your deckWood fibres raise up when you pressure wash a deck as they swell with water. When your deck is dry, sanding it down will get rid of any rogue splinters, open up wood pores and create a uniform surface to paint on later in the day.

Pop on a pair of knee pads, safety glasses and ear protectors and set to work with a belt sander. It’ll cruise over a large decking surface with ease, creating a smooth finish in no time at all. For smaller edges and detailing, use a piece of sandpaper. Once you’ve finished, wipe the decking down to remove any sanding dust before painting or staining.

Paint your deck

Muse over which deck paint colour will best enhance your garden. Keep it traditional with a natural oak tone, make it more modern with a grey hue or blend your decking into your outdoor space with a complimentary green shade.

The best way to paint decking is by hand – apply the first coat carefully and ensure it’s filled any small cracks.

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Step 3 – Protect

Protect your deck

After the paint has dried, seal in the colour with a second layer of specialist wood protection paint. This will ensure the shade you’ve choosen will survive the elements, resist daily scuffs and create a striking finish.

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Project complete

Sit back, relax and savour your newly revamped outdoor space.

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