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With our range of ladders, you're one step closer to creating a home you love. From multi-purpose and extendable ladders of up to 7.9m to loft ladders and smaller step stools, our selection features a variety of heights, materials and tread count.

Whether you're giving your ceiling a new lick of paint or replacing a light bulb, discover the right ladder to tackle the task safely and easily.


Frequently Asked Questions

With the right ladder, no maintenance task is out of reach. Whether you need a ladder for decorating, roof maintenance or cleaning windows, find your fit today.

What length ladder do I need for a two storey house?

If you live in a two storey house, an ladder that extends to between three and five metres will serve you well. An extension ladder means that you can reach first floor windows with ease, without the need to dedicate a large space to storing a tall and bulky folding ladder. If you opt for an extendable ladder that's closer to seven metres in length, you'll also be able to use it to clear guttering and reach flat rooves, making it a sensible option if you're frequently outside doing jobs around the house. Just make sure that you have a helper on board to hold the ladder steady and pass you any equipment you might need.

What ladders should a homeowner have?

Generally speaking, a homeowner should have both a step ladder and an extension ladder. Step ladders are perfect for indoor tasks and decorating, helping you to reach light fittings and paint ceilings with ease. An extendable ladder is a really useful bit of kit to have for any outdoor jobs in hard-to-reach places, such as cleaning windows and gutters or taking a look at the roof.

How tall of a ladder should I buy?

The best length of ladder for you depends on what you'll be using it for! If you'll only be using your ladder for decorating and basic indoor DIY, a three tread step ladder will probably be sufficient unless you have very high ceilings. Step ladders are also nice and stable, perfect for when you're working alone. However, for a handy all-rounder, we would recommend an extension ladder. A ladder that's as compact as two metres when folded reach an impressive five metres tall when fully extended, making them fantastic for a whole host of tasks.