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Bedside Tables

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Home to calming candles, trinkets and cups of tea, bedside tables are a furniture must-have. Whether you're a lover of statement design pieces or prefer a more minimalist look, our range of bedside tables includes a breadth of shapes, styles and sizes to complement any space.

With scratch resistant finishes for long-lasting newness and bedside drawers for extra storage, find the right fit for you and your nighttime necessities.

Bedside tables, also known as nightstands, are an adaptable piece of furniture. The perfect position for bedside table lamps, trinket dishes and your morning cup of tea, with bedside drawers you can make sure that all your essential possessions are within easy reach.

Should a bedside table be lower than the bed?

When selecting the right bedside table for your space, consider the height of your bed, the size of your room and your own design preferences. Bedside drawers work best when they are slightly lower than the top of your mattresses - this removes the risk of bumping your head if you roll over during the night. Measure the height of your bed, from the floor to the top of your mattress. Then, check the product details of your bedside table - this will give you all the information you need about the dimensions of the table. Similarly, you will also need to measure the available width on either side of your bed.

Is it OK to have only one bedside table?

If you have space for a unit on either side of the bed, this creates a lovely symmetry. However, a single bedside table will also add design interest and added practicality to your space. Our range includes a wide variety of styles - from Scandi-influenced rattan-front drawers to traditional light wood. There's even the option to charge your phone while you sleep with our integrated wireless charging models. For more organisation tips, take a look at our bedroom storage ideas.