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Interior Woodwork & Metal Paint

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At Homebase, you'll find a variety of paint for interior wood and metal available in numerous colours and finishes, including eggshell. Whether you are looking for gloss or satin metal paint for surfaces, or wood paint for interior doors and skirting boards, we have a range of paint colours and finishes to browse.

We also offer interior primers and undercoats for metal and wooden surfaces, we strongly recommend that you use them to ensure the longevity of your paint and prevent any chipping or discolouration.

At Homebase we offer amazing brands such as Crown, Dulux and Farrow & Ball, so you're sure to find the best metal paint and interior wood paint online or in-store today.


Frequently Asked Questions
Can you use metal paint on interior wood?

Yes, lots of our interior metal paint can be used on interior wood as well.

How do you remove paint from metal?

To remove paint from metal, start by making sure you are in a well-ventilated area. Paint for metal surfaces may contain lead if applied before 1960. Be sure to check for this with a lead testing kit. You should also wear a mask and eye protection.

Next, you must choose your method. We suggest using a paint stripper designed for metal paint. Once enough time has passed, you can simply peel the old metal paint with a scraper.

Can you use interior wood or metal paint on walls?

We don't recommend using interior wood and metal paint on walls. You should use an emulsion paint instead.

What paint should you use on metal?

The best paints for metal are those designed specifically for metal surfaces. These are durable and will provide long-lasting protection against issues like rust. You may also need to use paint primer for metal, as metal primer will better prepare the surface for your paint. Finally, check which kind of metal you are dealing with, as not all options will be suitable.

Can you use metal paint on radiators?

We do not recommend that you use metal paint on radiators. Paint for metal is not usually designed to withstand heat so you should use a specialist radiator paint instead.

How do you paint interior wood and doors?

You can learn how to paint interior woodwork and how to paint interior doors with our easy-to-follow blogs.