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Exterior Metal Paint

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The right outdoor metal paint is ideal for metal gates, sheds, doors, fences, and more. Whether you need paint for rusty metal, waterproof paint for metal fencing, or colourful metal gate paint to give your home a unique look, you can find your ideal exterior metal paint at Homebase.

Weather and time can be harsh on unprotected exterior metal. Paint designed to be hardy and water-resistant can protect metal from rust and extend its lifespan. You may be looking for metal paint for gates, or the ideal solution to paint a metal shed. You may even need something like black outdoor metal paint for a twist on your garden decor.

Whatever you are looking for, you can find the perfect exterior metal paint for your project at Homebase.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can you paint a metal fence?

Yes, you can. Outdoor metal paint is often used as fence paint can help you avoid issues such as rust, which appears on steel and iron gates over time. Simply choose your outdoor metal paint, remove any damaged or uneven paint, sand the fence down, repair the gate and clean it with a degreaser. You can now add exterior metal paint primer and start painting the fence itself.

Can I use acrylic paint on metal outside?

It is perfectly fine to use acrylic paint on metal outside. You simply need to make sure to clean the surface first. You should also use a wire brush to rough up the surface before cleaning it with soapy water, before sanding the surface and wiping away any remaining dust. Use outdoor metal paint primer to finish preparing the surface. You can now start applying your paint. While you can use acrylic paint, we recommend exterior metal paint, as this will provide more long-lasting results.

What paint is best for exterior metal?

When it comes to outdoor metal paint, your best option will usually be an oil-based paint. This is because it is the most durable option and is commonly used as a waterproof paint for metal.

How to paint exterior metal?

To paint exterior metal, it is important to prepare your surface. You may want to get started with painting your metal shed or fence, but if you skip the prep stage your outdoor metal paint will not last long.

1. To start, find out what type of metal you are dealing with and choose an appropriate primer and metal outdoor paint.

2. Next, use a wire brush to remove flaking paint or rust.

3. Clean the surface of any rust or debris before degreasing it. 

4. The next stage is scuffing up the metal, as this will make the primer stick more effectively.

5. Once you have primed the metal and let it dry, you can begin applying your exterior metal paint with a brush.

Can I use exterior wood and metal paint on masonry?

Yes, it is ok to use exterior wood paint and metal paint on masonry as long as you sand the surface down first. However we recommend using masonry paint rather than exterior metal paint or anything designed for timber.