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Every home needs a torch for those moments of darkness… Whether it’s for those pesky power cuts or looking in the dark corner of a cupboard, it’s always worth keeping one at hand. At Homebase you’ll find mini torches, head lights, LED torches, flashlights and more.


From reading the numbers off your fuse box under the stairs, to zipping up your tent on a camping trip, sometimes that extra bit of light is a huge help. That’s why we stock a wide range of torches for those times you need one the most.

Our torch collection offers a variety of shapes, sizes and styles to suit all tasks. Starting with the basics, our LED torch range is best for everyday use, making it an essential tool around the house. For something a bit more robust, choose from our rubber or compact torches – built with durability in mind.

Perfect for camping and use outdoors, our spotlight and lantern torches come with a powerful 1W light and up to 15 LED bulbs to help you see exactly where you’re going. No need to worry about getting new batteries all the time either - we have a whole range of rechargeable torches.