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Kitchen doors, plinths, trims and end panels

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Your budget-friendly kitchen makeover begins here. We have a range of stunning kitchen doors that you can use to upgrade your space and create a whole new look for less. At Homebase, you can also shop kitchen accessories, sinks and taps to complete your budget kitchen transformation.


How do you adjust kitchen cabinet doors?

Occasionally, your kitchen cabinet doors may become loose or wobbly and will need adjusting. Equally, when fitting, changing or replacing new kitchen cabinet doors, knowing how to adjust them is key to getting your doors to sit perfectly .Firstly, open the cabinet door and locate the hinge screws. Each hinge will have four screws; the leftmost screw is the adjusting screw and the rightmost is the tightening screw.

If your kitchen cupboard door is simply a bit loose, you'll need to tighten the rightmost screw. Alternatively, if your cupboards need side to side adjustment, you should use the leftmost screw. Turning the screw clockwise will move the door inwards, closer to the edge of the cabinet.

How do you remove kitchen drawers?

How to remove kitchen drawers will depend on the kind of drawers you have. Most kitchen drawers should be easily removable, simply by pulling the drawer out as far as it will go, tilting it downwards and gently pulling. If you have metal drawers with sliders, pull the drawer out as far as it can go, find the levers on each side and press down simultaneously. Then pull the kitchen drawer straight out while holding the levers down.

We advise only removing kitchen drawers if you are renovating your kitchen or replacing the drawer fronts.

How do you put a kitchen drawer back on track?

It's reasonably easy to put a kitchen unit drawer back on track. Tilt it so the wheels are resting on the sliders on both sides of the drawers. Then slide the drawer back into the slot until it sits level on the sliders.

How many drawers should a kitchen have?

It's entirely up to you how many drawers your kitchen has. Kitchen unit drawers are especially useful for storing things like cutlery, larger utensils or crockery.


Not all kitchen units are the same size so make sure to check the dimensions of your replacement kitchen cabinet doors before making a purchase. All of our kitchen cupboard doors and drawer fronts are designed to suit Homebase kitchens, but non-Homebase kitchen cabinets may match the dimensions of some or all of our products. Where applicable, hinge holes on Homebase cabinets will align with replacement doors but if you are purchasing to fit to a non-Homebase carcass, you may need to drill new holes for the hinges.