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Gas BBQs

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Are you planning on having a big garden cookout this year? If so, shop our great range of gas BBQs, perfect for hosting or when you want to fire up the grill for your family. Our collection features the best quality gas BBQs on a budget so everyone can enjoy an outdoor feast this summer.

Our gas barbecues come in natural, silver, grey, black and more so there is something to complement every garden. A good gas barbecue has functionality, and our range features a variety of 2,3,4 and 6-burners to meet any needs. Multiple burners on a gas barbecue allow you to control different areas independently so you can BBQ like a real professional.

Browse our different gas barbecue sizes and shapes, we have small gas barbecues for smaller families, or large ones that are ideal for hosting. If you have limited space, shop our compact gas barbecues, these take up little room and can be easily stored in sheds. A portable gas barbecue is ideal for something on the go, it's convenient and great for picnics or family days out.

You can find gas barbecue grills with extra features such as smokers, or side burners these can make barbecuing a lot easier. We also have gas pizza ovens, they're a convenient way to enjoy homemade pizza out in the sun, creating the perfect holiday-from-home atmosphere. If you are hosting a BBQ this year, check our BBQ party checklist and make sure you have everything you need.

Once you've chosen your gas barbecue don't forget to shop for some BBQ accessories and BBQ fuel. Unsure of what extras you might need? Take a look at our guide on the best BBQ accessories.

Shop the best-rated gas barbecues for sale online or in-store at Homebase.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you buy gas for a BBQ?

You can buy gas for a BBQ at your nearest Homebase, we offer BBQ fuel for both charcoal and gas barbecues.

How do you clean a gas BBQ?

Cleaning your gas barbecue is essential for hygiene and ensuring longevity, read our blog on how to clean your BBQ for more information.

How do you connect a gas bottle to a BBQ?

Connecting a gas bottle to a BBQ is a straightforward process, however we recommend following the specific instructions provided by the manufacturer. You can read our blog on how to light a BBQ for general guidance.

How do you disconnect a BBQ gas bottle?

How you disconnect a gas bottle from the BBQ depends on the type of barbecue you have. We recommend following the instructions that came with your purchase, if you are still unsure please seek professional assistance.

How do you use a gas BBQ?

As gas BBQs differ by brand, we recommend reading the instructions that came with your purchase. From there, visit our blog on how to cook on a BBQ to learn the fancy cooking techniques.