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Kitchen Plinths & End Panels

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No kitchen would be complete without the finishing touches. So, don’t forget to pick out your kitchen plinths, trims and end panels as they don’t come included with our standard kitchen units.


Frequently asked questions

What are kitchen plinths, cornices, pelmets and end panels?

Kitchen plinths are also known as kickboards and they fit around the bottom of your units to cover up the legs. A kitchen cornice is a trim for the top of kitchen cabinets and is also known as moulding. It's added to the edges of the cabinets and is shaped to create a smart finish for your kitchen. A kitchen pelmet is the trim which sits at the bottom of the cabinet to add a tidy finish. It can be used to hide under cabinet lighting. End panels are used in kitchens to create a cohesive look and can help cabinets blend together seamlessly. They can be used to cover the ends of base or wall cabinets and are essential if you are fitting certain types of kitchen trim.