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Tape Measures

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A tape measure is always a useful tool to have in your DIY kit, helping you with small tasks and bigger DIY projects alike. At Homebase you'll find a wide variety of measuring tapes with differing lengths, alongside combination squares and much more.

Take accurate measurements and get the job done correctly with a tape measure from Homebase.

When prepping for your next home renovation project, it is important to get the numbers right. From simple cheap tape measures to more specialist laser tape measures, we stock products suited to all kinds of tasks. Browse the different sizes available. Our five metre tape measures are ideal for interior decor projects, while 20 metre tape measures are good for larger construction tasks. Some come with easy-grip rubberised cases for easy handling and greater durability. Consider other measuring equipment like carpenter squares, protractors, spirit levels and measuring wheels to make sure your toolbox is always ready to go. For the best value for money, pick up a multipack metric or imperial tape measure set.

Check out our full range of tape measures and do the job right with Homebase.