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Discover our range of multi tools and ensure you’re able to tackle any DIY project, no matter how complex.

Having a power multi tool in your toolbox means you’re equipped for any DIY that might arise around your home. Whether you’re cutting, scraping, sanding or drilling using a multi power tool gives you the force you need for tricky jobs, as well as helping you save precious time as your work.

Get the right multi purpose power tool for next big project from our wide collection at Homebase. Ours have a choice of speeds and power, ideal for light or heavy work. We also stock a variety of tools that can take on a range of materials, so you’re covered whatever you’re tackling.

With our multi cutter power tools you can slice through wood or metal and sand it down to a smooth finish using the very same tool. Just switch the heads for whichever job you’re doing and you’ll be done before you know it.