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Home Security & Safety

Here at Homebase, we recognise that feeling safe and secure at home begins with peace of mind and investing in the right protection. Whether it's updating your fire alarm or installing a front door camera, it's important to have reliable measures in place - if you're out for the evening or enjoying a quiet night in. Spanning from innovative home security systems for smarter living to door and window locks, our home security and safety range offers simple solutions with effective results. Explore fire safety, home security cameras, padlocks and more - it should always feel good to be home.

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We understand better than anyone that a safe and secure home is a happy home. Our home security range is designed to provide total peace of mind and includes everything from robust and reliable locks to sophisticated home security cameras. For some top tips, read our guide on how to secure your home.

Burglar alarms, CCTV & smart home security

Relax with the knowledge that your home is safe and secure when you're away with our range of reliable burglar alarms, CCTV and smart home security systems. From smart locks for keyless entry to CCTV that you can monitor from your smartphone, we've got you covered when it comes to keeping your home secure the smart way.

Smart home monitoring

Keep track of air quality, temperature and humidity with our smart home monitoring systems. Simply connect your monitor to the internet, and you can check on your home - wherever you are!


Leave the house with perfect peace of mind with our collection of padlocks, window locks, hasp locks, and door locks. Great quality, robust and affordable, updating your home security is easier than you think. From bolts and deadlocks to latches and chains, there's a solution for every home.

Fire safety

Every home should have strong fire safety measures in place. Our range includes fire and carbon monoxide monitors, blankets and fire extinguishers, so you can stock up and stay prepared. If you're updating your fire detection system, our guide on how to install a wire-free fire alarm may come in useful.