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Kitchen Handles

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Add the finishing touches to your kitchen units with our range of kitchen handles. Discover a wide range of kitchen cabinet handles, available in a variety of colours and designs, so you can find the units that perfectly match your kitchen style.

Select pewter, copper or brass handles to finish a traditional kitchen or opt for black, chrome or gold to refine your modern space. Whether you prefer kitchen doorknobs, bar, pull, T, D or cup handles, our range of designs can help you elevate your space.

For a sleek, minimalist aesthetic choose bar or D handles. If you want to add a hint of texture, we have a knurled kitchen handles in a range of colours. An antique-style kitchen handle in pewter or chrome may be what you are looking for.

All of our kitchen cupboard handles come with a range of fixings so you can easily add this final touch to your cabinet doors. You can explore the full range online or in-store today.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where should you put knobs or handles on kitchen cabinets?

"Where you position your kitchen handles can influence the overall aesthetic of your kitchen.

For a balanced placement, fit kitchen knobs in the centre of cupboard doors and drawer fronts. If you want a quick reminder of which way cabinets open, make sure to place handles on the side opposite the hinges.

You should also think about the placement in relation to how you use the cabinets and where handles are within reach. For example a high kitchen unit would need handles closer to the bottom of the door while a base unit would typically have handles nearer the top."

How do you change kitchen door handles?

"Changing kitchen door handles can be a fairly quick task and is a great, low-cost way to refresh your kitchen. To change your kitchen door handles, you should:

1. Unscrew and remove you current kitchen handles

2. Line up your new kitchen handles against the door - skip to step 5 if you don't need to drill new holes for your new handles.

3. If you need to drill new holes, it'll be easier to remove the kitchen door or drawer front before measuring where the new holes need to be.

4. Measure where the new hold need to be and then drill in the correct place. You can fit the

5. Screw in your replacement kitchen handles.

If you are going from a kitchen handle that requires multiple holes to a single knob, you may want to replace your kitchen cupboard doors before fitting your new handles."

How do you clean kitchen door handles?

"To lightly clean a kitchen door handle you can wipe them with a damp cloth.

For a deeper clean you can remove kitchen handles and knobs, wipe clean and then polish. You may need to buy specific polish depending on the type of material the kitchen handles are made from. Copper, chrome, gold and brass kitchen handles will all have slightly different care requirements so make sure you check before you start cleaning."

Are kitchen cupboard handles a standard size?

"Kitchen handles aren't a standard size due to the range of styles that are available. While cup handles are broad and flat, pull-bar handles are long and require two drill holes to be fitted.

Please check the dimensions listed on all of our kitchen handles before making a purchase. You may need to take extra care when choosing replacement kitchen handles if you already have holes in your kitchen unit doors."

How do you choose kitchen door handles?

Whether you have a traditional or modern kitchen, there are a wide variety of kitchen door handles that will compliment your home. Pick handles in colours to match you kitchen units for a seamless look or be bold and choose statement styles that give your kitchen a pop of character.