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Ropes & Chains

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At home, in the garden or on the move, our range of ropes and chains is designed to help you complete any project with minimal fuss.
If you’re heading off on holiday and need to keep your belongings safe and secure, look no further than our bungee cords and luggage straps. Adjustable and hard-wearing, these are ideal for securing and identifying your suitcase or strapping your bike to the car.
We also stock all the twine, rope and mirror chain you could possibly need for domestic projects. From thick rope to thin utility cord, you’ll find the perfect product for any job in our extensive range. For heavy-duty tasks, consider our hardened steel chains, designed to deal with heavier loads. For outdoor projects or camping adventures, buy rope made from polypropylene, durable, able to withstand the conditions and ideal for outdoor use.
Browse our hard-wearing collection of ropes and chains and stay secure with Homebase.