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Artificial Topiary Tree - 80cm

Artificial Topiary Tree - 80cm



Artificial Plants

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Embracing the joy of the outside world has never been easier thanks to our wide and colourful range of artificial plants and flowers. Whether you want to spruce up your indoor spaces with a hanging basket or dress a garden table with succulents or a house plant, we have a wide assortment of faux greenery to keep your home and garden blossoming all year round.


Achieving that lush, verdant atmosphere in and outside your home doesn't always require extensive elbow grease or upkeep. With our range of artificial plants and flowers, you can transform your living spaces without watering, re-potting, or pruning a single leaf. If we’re piqued your interest in faux greenery, explore our range of artificial plants today!

How to clean artificial plants

Artificial plants are as easy to clean as they are to look after! Simply use a microfibre cloth to remove any dust from your plants, and wipe the faux blooms clean with warm, soapy water.

How to pot artificial plants

If your artificial plant doesn’t come in a plant pot of its own, fear not! They’re easy to arrange in a vase, planter or pot of your own. Clusters of individual stems, such as faux roses, peonies and dahlias, are best presented in a tall vase, though the stems may need a quick trim so achieve the appearance of a natural bouquet. Larger artificial plants can be arranged in pots of their own but if you’re eager to plant a selection in a shared planter, it’s a good idea to weigh them down with potting sand to keep them secured and arranged to your preference.

What are the benefits of artificial plants?

As well as being a convenient alternative to real outdoor plants, artificial plants have the same effect on our wellbeing as the real thing! If you’re eager to boost your mood and productivity without the responsibility of keeping your flora flourishing, artificial plants are the solution! Also, as there’s no need to re-purchase fresh stems, artificial flowers and plants are often a cheaper alternative to real flowers.