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Roundup® has been helping consumers banish weeds and protect their garden moments for more than 45 years.

With a wide variety of products on offer, Roundup® has the right one for the job. Whether you have to clear the area for tomorrow’s barbeque, tackle tough and deep rooted weeds or tree stumps to banish forever, Roundup® has the expert solution.

Some of our products will give you results within hours and allow quick replanting, while others focus on killing the weeds down to the roots so they can’t grow back.

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Want to get rid of weeds on your driveway, patio, borders or paths? Roundup weedkiller is used by professionals and has a special formula that kills weeds right down to the root.

Roundup’s range of weedkilling products includes everything from liquid concentrates for using in bigger areas to handy ‘Ready to Use’ sprayers like ‘Pump ‘n’ Go’. For precision weedkilling there’s Roundup Gel. Roundup garden weedkiller products kill most weeds and grasses with one application.

They kill weeds from the inside, right down to the roots and you can plant in the soil a few days later. Children and pets can go back into the area when the Roundup has dried.