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Great for tidying clothes, toys, cleaning products and more, crates are a truly versatile home storage solution. Slot them underneath the bed, on shelves or use them to organise your under stairs cupboard. The options are endless!

Clutter has a curious way of infiltrating every room. Clear surfaces and empty shelves can quickly become overloaded with odd bits and pieces that don’t seem to have a dedicated space in your home and once pristine living rooms and kitchen counters are suddenly brimming with all sorts. 

This is where our handy storage crates come in. Whether you’re having a thorough spring clean or simply sorting out what’s been strewn under the bed, we have a wide range of storage boxes in an assortment of sizes, shapes and capacities to make tidying a breeze.

Are plastic crates better than wooden crates?

Both plastic and wooden crates are indispensable storage solutions. However, each of them has a variety of pros and cons that may mean one is more suited to your needs than the other.

Plastic crates, on average, are lighter and easier to manoeuvre and handle than wooden crates. They can also be quickly wiped clean and come in a variety of opacities depending on what you’re using them for.

Wooden crates, however, tend to be more durable and can accommodate heavier loads. If you’re planning on packing a hefty amount into your crate, you may want to go for a wooden one.

What is best to put under a storage crate?

Make sure that whatever is beneath your storage crate is robust enough to withstand the weight of its contents. Solid, flat and even surfaces are ideal to ensure your crates are stable and steady.

Here at Homebase, we also stock a range of stackable and folding crates that make storing them simple, whether they’re brimming with clutter or waiting to be used.

What crate size is best?

The best crate size for you is completely dependent on what you plan to use it for. Whether you’re looking for shallow boxes to slide beneath the bed, or large boxes to house more items, we have a variety of sizes for all your de-cluttering needs.