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Spanners & Hex Keys

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A key part of any toolbox, spanners are the DIY favourite that always come in handy when tackling tasks around the home. These staples are made from the best materials, making them a durable and reliable hand tool.

Whether you’re shopping for a set of spanners in different sizes to handle a spectrum of home renovations or just a single one, you’ll be able to fasten and unfasten bolts with ease with the spanners for sale at Homebase.

Handy hex keys, also known as an Allen key, are equally useful to have on hand. Small, light and easy to use, they’re are worth their weight in gold when it comes to working on bicycles or putting together furniture. We sell loose sets from great brands, as well as folding key sets to help with grip and torque. Shop spanners and hex keys from Homebase for maximum convenience.