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Give your plants the spotlight they deserve and infuse a touch of charm into your garden with our range of trellis panels. 

Whether you're looking for a decorative or arched trellis to add a touch of drama or a wooden willow trellis to fit your Bohemian garden paradise, we offer a wide assortment of trellis planters and trellis panels to effortlessly display blooms. By using trellis panels in your garden, you can encourage yourplants to blossom upwards and outwards to transform the appearance of bare brick walls and stark fencing panels. Trellises are also easy to stain and paint and are available as expandable panels to keep ensure your ultimate garden vision is never compromised.


Take your garden from a blank canvas to a wonderland of colour and greenery with our range of garden trellis panels and planters. Whether you’re a seasoned trellis expert or grappling with the basics, we have the garden tools, hardware and accessories you need to ensure that your trellis panels are the perfect eye-catching addition to your outdoor space.

How to Fix Trellis

Before you start affixing your trellis panels to any exterior surface, be sure to carefully treat the wood with a preserver to prevent any potential rotting. Maintaining the quality and finish of your trellis panels is essential, as any trace of mould or decay could result in damaging your plants and impairing the overall finish of your garden. With your trellis prepped and protected, decide on the optimal space to fix your trellis. Consider where the sunlight falls in your garden, and where you will get the best view of your blossoming flora. Also make sure that the edges of your trellis panels won’t sit against anything moist, as this could encourage mould in treated wood, so steer clear from any water features, ponds, or from your grass.

How to Attach Trellis to a Fence or Wall

If you’re looking to attach a trellis panel to a fence, first affix a batten to where the edge of your trellis will sit. A batten is simply a piece of metal or wood that acts as a support for your trellis and allows your climbing plants to completely wrap around the panel. Once your battens are positioned, screw your trellis into the wall or fence panel as securely as possible.