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Towel Radiators

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No bathroom is complete without stylish towel storage. Towel radiators are the ultimate multi-taskers - providing an effective heat source, invaluable drying space and buckets of visual appeal. From classic chrome to powder coated black for a contemporary edge, finding heated towel rails that complement your bathroom design has never been simpler.

Whether you're a modern minimalist or a true traditionalist, explore our range to find the perfect fit for your bathroom.


The ultimate multi-taskers when it comes heating your home, heated towel rails keep your bathroom toasty and warm while simultaneously drying damp towels. Towel radiators work in the same way as any central heating radiator - heating the air that surrounds the radiator through convection, which then circulates around the room and causes it to warm up.

The main difference is that towel rails are designed with an added purpose in mind. They feature rows of lateral bars to hold and dry towels, keeping them warm for their next use. If you're replacing an existing radiator with a towel heater, look for a model that's of a similar size. This will make the installation process easier, as you won't need to worry about re-plumbing or changing your fittings. You should also look for the BTU output of your radiator - this will give you an idea of how much heat output is required to keep your space warm.

If you want your heated towel rail to work independently of your central heating systems, an electric towel radiator is perfect. With an easy on/off switch, simply turn it on when needed. For more tips on finding the best solution for your home, take a look at our heated towel rail buying guide.