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Garden ​Planters

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Add a new dimension to your outdoor area with garden planters. Liven up your garden with a burst of colour and texture with our light wooden planters, or play around with different styles and designs with long trough planters and tall planter boxes.

A large garden planter isn't just a great way to add some variety to your beds, it also makes the perfect home for your plants. Shrubs, vegetables and fruit plants are all at home in raised garden planters, which boast better drainage and provide a barrier to protect your produce from pests. For the very best growing results, you can fill your planters with the soil that’s perfectly suited to your plants.

Luckily for you, here at Homebase we have a vast range of planters to suit every garden, including corner planters and planters with wheels and storage.

You can easily create an easy-to-maintain potted herb garden using tall raised planters or shorter wooden troughs. Or, if you want to make a simple yet effective plant display, use small, rectangular wooden planters in a symmetrical pattern. You could even add some more variety with hexagonal planters. Alternatively, make your flower display double up as a wall decoration or space divider with our trellis and screen planters.

Our garden planters and boxes come in a range of painted metals, PVC, treated softwoods and pine. Explore our range below or visit your local Homebase store and find the perfect planter for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I put in the bottom of a planter for drainage?

We recommend using broken pieces of terracotta pots, newspaper or some kind of plastic lining to put in the bottom of your planter. These materials are good for allowing proper drainage and preventing the compost or soil getting clogged.

How do you line a planter box?

Firstly, measure the base of the planter box and cut your fabric to size. Then, lay the fabric inside the box and secure it using a staple gun. Make sure that the lining reaches up the sides of the box to avoid any soil or compost escaping through holes in the woodwork.

Do garden planters need drainage holes?

Yes, garden planters need drainage holes in order to let the excess water to drain out. Most garden planters should come with drainage holes.

How do you fill a garden planter?

Start by lining your planter box with your preferred material. Once the lining is secure, add the soil or compost that your plants or flowers prefer, leaving a centimetre free below the top of your planter sides. Finally, add your seeds or bulbs and get planting.

What is a garden planter?

A garden planter is a container that is designed for growing flowers, plants or herbs. Planters come in all kinds of sizes, shapes and materials, including tall trellis planters and smaller trough planters.