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Wallpaper Strippers

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Take the hard work out of removing old wallpaper with our range of wallpaper steamers and strippers.

Wallpaper strippers use steam to loosen old paper and ensure easy removal. The large steam plate makes it easier than ever to cover large areas, enabling you to get the job done faster and more efficiently. With a wallpaper stripper you can make struggling with stripping a thing of the past and forget chipping off small pieces of paper at a time. 

From wallpaper steamers to sugar soap for cleaning, browse our full range of wallpaper stripping tools in store or online today.

Starting with a clean slate is always important when getting stuck in with home makeovers - making a wallpaper stripper the perfect tool to remove wallpaper quickly and easily.

Having a smooth base is an essential part of redecorating your home, especially if you’re going from paper to paint. Stripping wallpaper with a steamer loosens the wallpaper without the use of chemicals or solvents, allowing you to gently peel it away from the wall with ease. These powerful wallpaper steamers quickly leave a smooth surface, making them a practical option for those looking to refresh their walls. Remove those small leftover scraps of paper with our traditional wallpaper strippers. We stock a selection of strong tools like wipes, sandpaper, and sugar soap that make light work of remodelling.

Say goodbye to tired wallpaper and get your DIY project off to the right start with our range of wallpaper removal tools, steamers and strippers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is sugar soap and what is it used for?

Sugar soap is a cleaning product that is often used on walls and other surfaces before painting and wallpapering. It is an effective way to remove dirt, grease and grime that has built up and can be used to remove paste and paper leftover from stripping wallpaper. 

You can also use sugar soap on other surfaces such as wood, metal, glass and tiles.

How do you use a wallpaper steamer?

It is fairly easy to remove wallpaper with a steamer. To do this, you should:

1. Plug in the wallpaper steamer, add water according to instructions and allow it to heat up.

2. Score the wallpaper you wish to remove with a putty knife. This will help the steam get underneath the paper.

3. Hold the steamer against the wall for about 30 seconds then remove it.

4. Lift away the loose wallpaper using a scraper.

5. Repeat this process until all of the wallpaper is removed.

Will a wallpaper steamer remove paint from plaster?

We don't recommend using a wallpaper steamer to remove paint from plaster. This is because steamers can damage plaster and plasterboard, which can be difficult and expensive to repair.

How long does a wallpaper steamer take to heat up?

It takes 10-15 minutes for a wallpaper steamer to heat up.