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Planted Baskets & Containers

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In our busy daily lives, sometimes there just isn't the time to plant baskets and beautiful potted plants. Luckily, our pre-planted hanging baskets and pots are here to add an instant burst of colour to your space.
Our collection of pre planted hanging baskets and flower pots are the perfect gardening solution for busy family life. If you're short of time or planting know-how, pre-planted flower pots are an easy way to add interest and flair to your outside space. From pansies to perennials, there's something for every garden.

Choose between pre planted hanging baskets to brighten up a porch, or our planted pots to bring a little greenery to your terrace, decking or balcony. If you fancy learning how to plant baskets and pots yourself, take a look at our guide on how to plant hanging baskets.