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Venetian Blinds

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For a timeless twist on the traditional blind, choose Venetian blinds for your home. Our range of Venetian blinds promises effortless elegance, privacy on command and adaptable levels of light. So, whether you want to transform your lounge into a spa-like oasis or keep neighbours from peering into your conservatory, we have a range of styles and sizes to suit every space.


Blinds are a great option for any home - and Venetian blinds are a particularly practical choice. They’re perfect for rooms where the sunlight can sometimes be too bright, or for overlooked rooms that need a little extra privacy.

Here at Homebase, we have a wide selection of Venetian blinds that are durable, stylish and easy to maintain.

So, whether you’re looking for a sleek aluminium finish for your modern kitchen, or a natural wood finish to compliment your cosy lounge, we have a wide assortment of materials, finishes, colours and sizes to suit any interior design style and window size. Add a touch of luxury to your bathroom, kitchen, bedroom or lounge with our range of Venetian blinds today.

What are Venetian blinds?

Venetian blinds are blinds that are composed of thin slats of wood, aluminium or plastic that are arranged closely one on top of the other. The slats are joined by a cord, pull or fabric tape which allows them to move together.

What are the benefits of Venetian blinds?

There are lots of reasons why you may want to go for the Venetian style over other types of blind. First and foremost, their aesthetics are unrivalled: Venetian blinds effortlessly marry style and function. Their simplicity makes them an appealing and versatile option for many homes.

They also offer ample privacy, are easy to adjust depending on the amount of light you want to stream in and are simple to clean and take care of.