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Kitchen Paint

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Kitchen Paint

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Refresh the heart of your home with our range of kitchen paints. We have a variety of colours available so you can pick the paint that best suits your kitchen. Whether you are looking to paint walls, ceilings or splashbacks, our kitchen paint is formulated to be grease and stain resistant.

If you aren't sure what colour to paint the kitchen, you can browse our range of paint testers and try out some different options at home. Don't forget to pick up any paint tools you may need to get your kitchen painted properly.


Freshly painted kitchens can bring a new style and charm to your home. Different kitchen paint colours can change the atmosphere. Maybe you are looking for warm, light tones to take advantage of your light - or perhaps you are looking for a cool modern kitchen with bold, dark colours. You may simply be looking to add kitchen paint to one wall as a stunning new feature. Whatever your kitchen paint ideas might be, we have the perfect options for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best paint for kitchen walls?

While it is possible to paint a kitchen with any suitable wallor ceiling paint, we recommended picking specialist kitchen paint. This type of durable paint is designed to be moisture, grease and stain resistant, making it the best choice for a kitchen.

Can you paint kitchen worktops?

Yes, painting kitchen worktops can be an easy and cost-effective way to transform your kitchen. However, you will need to make sure that the paint is suitable for the countertop material.

How do you paint a kitchen?

When it comes to painting the kitchen walls, preparation is key. It is a good idea to look at different colour options to help you choose the best paint for your kitchen walls.

Once you have picked a colour, you can work out how much paint you need using our paint calculator. Then follow our guide on how to paint walls and ceilings and watch your kitchen transform.