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Bird Feeders

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Bring life into your garden all year round with our range of bird feeders and feeding stations. They can add a wonderful charm to a garden – not to mention wildlife - especially when placed in just the right location.


Bird Feeders and Feeding Stations are easy to erect, and just as easy to move so you can find and change the best spot throughout the year.Ideally you'll want to find somewhere hidden away so birds can relax, yet still visible for you and your guests to view. We also offer bird seed, nuts, and fat balls to attract different types of wildlife into your garden.

At Homebase, we also have bird tables and baths to help entice your feathered friends to spend more time in your garden. A bird feeding station will help bring your garden to life with the hustle and bustle of tweeting, snacking wildlife. Check out our guide on how to create a bird-friendly garden with Homebase.