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Garden Ornaments

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Garden ornaments are important to enhance the look of your garden, they add character and charm to the simplest of outdoor areas. At Homebase we offer many styles from classic garden statues to contemporary copper, and bronze ornaments.

If you’re spiritual you can buy a Buddha garden statue, alternatively, if you want lifelike figures in your surroundings you can buy animal and mushroom garden ornaments or statues. We also offer large outdoor garden statues if you’re looking for a statement piece, they can come in resin or ceramic depending upon your preference, our decorative garden ornaments are a perfect way to spruce up your backyard or front garden.

For more ideas on how to refresh your garden visit our blog on garden transformation ideas.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you clean stone garden ornaments?

You can clean stone garden ornaments by using a cloth, sponge or soft brush with warm water and washing up liquid, just follow up with a rinse using a garden hose and it’ll be good as new.

Where can you buy garden ornaments?

Homebase has a fantastic range of garden ornaments from garden mirrors to rustic wall art you’re guaranteed to find what you’re looking for at your nearest Homebase.

How do you secure garden ornaments?

You can secure garden ornaments by adding a concrete base, this can be tricky to do on your own, so we advise asking for professional help.

How do you stop metal garden ornaments from rusting?

There are a few ways to stop metal garden ornaments from rusting, you can apply a clear coat to protect the metal, use a UV protective spray, apply a paste wax or keep it covered when its raining.

How do you age a resin garden statue?

You can age a resin garden statue by mixing a small amount of garden paint with water so that it resembles dirty water, then paint this onto the statue and allow it to dry. You can repeat this as many time as you like until you are happy with the finished results.