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Shower Enclosures

Finding the right shower enclosure is essential. With Homebase, you’re guaranteed to find one that not only prevents water spillage but also enhances the aesthetic of your bathroom. If you need some advice or help when choosing the right shower enclosure, read our shower enclosure buying guide.

We offer a stylish range of modern bathroom shower enclosures and cubicles in several finishes and colours, including, black, white, grey, bronze, and chrome. With both small and large options, we offer shower units that can perfectly fit any bathroom.

Find your new shower enclosure in-store or online today.

Frequently asked questions

Fitting a shower enclosure should be straightforward, visit our how to fit a shower blog for a general guide. Please always refer to the manufacturer’s instructions, and if you’re still unsure, seek professional advice.

Sealing a shower cubicle is an important step in preventing water leakage and maintaining the surrounding walls and floors. Read our blog on how to seal a shower tray, the steps taken here are the same when sealing a shower cubical.

Cleaning a glass shower enclosure is a simple process that, when done regularly, can keep your shower looking clean and free from soap scum. We suggest looking at our article on how to clean a shower cubicle and tray for further instructions.

Tiling a shower cubicle can be a rewarding DIY project but requires careful planning and execution. Visit our article on how to tile a wall, where you can find detailed instructions to follow for sprucing up shower.

Shower enclosures are typically made from a variety of materials, but the most common materials are glass, acrylic and metal.