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Kitchen Mixer Taps

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Enhance your kitchen with a mixer tap and make chores like washing up easier. Our kitchen mixer taps perfectly combine style and functionality and are available in a range of designs and colours.

Select a striking black mixer tap for your kitchen and pair it with a stunning sink and bold handles for a striking statement. If you prefer something a little more classic, we also have chrome mixer taps that pair well with a stainless steel sink. For a more traditional kitchen, our brushed steel mixer taps matched with a ceramic sink might be the best option for you.

Controlling water temperature has never been easier with our single lever mixer taps. Simply lift and twist to control flow and blend hot and cold water when filling the sink. If you want extra control, we also have dual-handle designs so you can isolate water flow without compromising on the convenience of a standard mixer tap.

Some of our kitchen mixer taps also come with additional features, like our pull and spray taps, making them even simpler to use.

Browse the range of kitchen mixer taps online or talk to one of our experts in-store for more information.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do you change a kitchen mixer tap?

"If you are replacing your old kitchen mixer tap with a new one, you should follow these steps:

1. Turn off the water supply.

2. Screw the kitchen mixer tap tails into the sink and tighten with a screwdriver.

3. Secure the tails by adding the fixing studs.

4. Make sure the tap is sitting at a 90-degree angle to your kitchen sink.

5. Add a washer and a deck plate and, once you are happy with the position of the tap, tighten the washer and deck plate using a nut and spanner.

6. Finally, turn the tap on and then turn on the water.

If you spot water around the bottom of the sink, you may need to tighten the connectors."

What is a kitchen mixer tap?

A kitchen mixer tap is a type of tap where hot and cold water flows out of the same place. Often mixer taps are controlled by a single lever which means you can regulate the water flow and mix of cold and hot water so you can find the perfect temperature.

Can you replace two taps with a kitchen mixer tap?

Yes, you can replace two taps with a kitchen mixer tap. You may need an extra connector when plumbing in a mixer tap if you haven't had one on your kitchen sink before.

Are all kitchen mixer taps the same size?

"No, not all kitchen mixer taps are the same size. All of our mixer taps have dimensions listed on the product page or on the box if you are shopping in-store.

Take extra care to ensure your new mixer tap is the best fit for your kitchen before making a purchase."