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Weed Killer

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Controlling invasive weeds is a challenge faced by every gardener, no matter how experienced. Whether you're looking for a multi-purpose solution, tackling moss or tidying a patio, find the best weed killer for the job and combine with weed control fabric for the ultimate defence system.


Concentrated weed killers are available in spray or gel formats for direct application to weeds. Alternatively, explore our options that are formulated to be diluted and sprayed onto pathways and drives for weed-free paving. With trusted brands like Roundup Weedol and SBK in the Homebase collection, you can also and choose between tough weed killers and products that are softer on the environment and safer for pets.

What weed killer is best?

Our range of weed killer includes options that have been formulated for use on every surface and to target every type of invasive weed. Before choosing a weed killer, consider what you will be using it for. With weed killing sprays designed for patios and paths, to target moss, to kill tree stumps, and to tackle invasive plants at the root, you're spoilt for choice. If you'll be using your weed killer on multiple surfaces and types of weed, than an all-purpose weed killing spray is the most economical choice.

When planting new beds and borders, consider laying a weed control fabric to prevent pesky weeds from making an appearance in the first place. For a garden that looks picture perfect at all times, it's also important to supplement your lawn and plant care habits with a regular watering and plant food routine.