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Storage Boxes

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If you’re getting organised at home, good quality storage boxes are essential. At Homebase you’ll uncover a huge collection of handy tubs and trunks, from compact storage boxes with lids to large storage boxes that are perfect for keeping the garage in order. If you’re looking for something stylish to fit in with your home’s décor, take a look at our beautifully printed storage boxes and fabric storage boxes. It's the easiest way to keep all your favourite things safe and sound.


Frequently Asked Questions

Sometimes, there’s just not enough space to pack everything in. Whether you have a few bits and bobs lying around or are in need of heavy duty storage for tools and garden equipment, you can banish clutter for good with our range of storage boxes.

What is the most common storage box size?

Storage boxes really do come in all shapes and sizes - there's an option for organising everything from the smallest of trinkets to large bulky gardening equipment. Make sure to check the product description, as we'll give all the details you need there about the dimensions of our different boxes. Ideal for shoes, bed linen, winter clothes, toy cars - our small and large plastic storage boxes make finding and organising your belongings effortless. From plastic to wicker, our range of box styles means you can pick storage boxes to match with your interior décor.

What are the best storage boxes?

The best storage box for you will depend on what you plan on using it for. If you're going to be keeping your boxes in the loft or garage, you'll need heavy duty storage box es with a secure lid to keep damp, pests and dust out. If you're tired of seeing clutter under the bed, our selection of under bed storage boxes are the perfect way to box up old books, clothes and toys, saving time on tidying and effortlessly creating a neat room. Alternatively, our garden storage boxes also keep tools and toys stashed away, so you can declutter your outdoor space with ease.

How to prevent mould in storage boxes

Many plastic storage boxes are airtight to keep your belongings free from dust, pests and mould. However, this does mean that if you keep damp items in your boxes, they will not be able to dry properly. To prevent the growth of mould, always ensure that your things are thoroughly dry before putting them away. To make sure that mould is kept at bay, it is also a god idea to put a moisture absorber in any large storage boxes - particularly if they will be kept in a cool garage or garden shed.