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Decking Paint, Stain & Oil

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Refresh your outdoor space with decking paint, stain and oils from Homebase. Provide long-lasting UV protection for decking with treatment available in a range of colours to give a tough yet stunning finish. Whether you need decking oil to preserve for your new decking or stain and paint to breathe life back into your old decking, you can browse our range online or in-store. Check out our blog for more decking ideas.

Treating decking boards with decking stain or oil is essential to protect them from the sun, prevent rot and decay and reduce greying throughout the year. The right decking paint can also transform a garden, giving it a rustic, modern, or unique look to enjoy throughout the year. Find the best decking stain, paint or oil for your project with Homebase today.

For more information on maintaining and painting your decking, visit our blog online.


Frequently Asked Question

How do I oil a deck?

When applying deck oil always read the manufacturers instructions on the product, as they may provide specific guidance on the oil you are using. However these are the general steps needed when oiling a deck.

1. Start by sweeping any dirt and debris, and then use a deck cleaner to remove any stains or mildew

2. Rinse the deck cleaner with a hose and let it dry completely

3. Next, choose a high-quality clear or coloured deck oil that works best for you

4. Then, apply the oil using a paint roller or brush, ensuring you are working in the direction of the wood grain.

5. Apply the first coat to dry and if necessary apply a second coat.
When oiling a deck it's a good idea to wear some protective gear to ensure your safety. Some recommended items are, safety glasses, gloves and a mask.

How do I stain a deck?

Visit our blog for a step-by-step tutorial on how to stain deck.

How long does decking oil take to dry?

The length of time it takes for decking oil to dry can depend on the brand and even the weather. On average it'll take about four hours, but it is best to check guidance on the decking oil tin.

How do I maintain decking?

Treating your deck can help maintain decking and keep it looking lovely for decades.

1. Start by sweeping the area of any leaves, twigs, or other debris. You will also want to protect your lawn and any nearby plants from the oil or stain you'll be using as protection for your decking.
2. Once the area is prepared, you can begin applying your decking cleaner.
3. Let the boards dry for at least 24 hours after this. Finally, you can get started applying your deck stain, paint or oil.

Can you apply deck stain with a roller?

Yes, you can apply deck stain with a roller. It's an efficient method, especially for larger areas.

Can you put decking oil on top of stain?

We don't recommend applying decking oil directly to an already stained deck. You should strip your decking boards before applying new decking stain or oil.

Can I use yacht varnish on decking?

Using yacht varnish on decking is not recommended. Yacht varnish creates a slippery surface, making it unsafe for a deck. Deck-specific products, including decking stains and oils, offer UV protection, hard wearing finishes and are available in non-slip options.

Can you paint old decking?

Yes, you can use decking paint to refresh and protect old decking. Begin by thoroughly cleaning and repairing the deck as needed. Ensure each coat of decking paint dries completely before considering an additional coat if desired. Regular maintenance, including repainting every few years, will maintain your old decking's appearance and safeguard it from the elements.

For more information on painting old decking, read our blog on how to paint and maintain decking.

Do you need special paint for decking?

Yes, you need special paint for decking. Decking paint is formulated to withstand outdoor conditions and the wear and tear associated with wooden decking. It comes in a variety of decking paint colours, including black, and even anti-slip options.

For more information on painting your deck, read our blog on how to paint and maintain decking.