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Office Furniture

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Organisation, comfort and clever design is vital when it comes to creating a work space that is both inspiring and practical. No matter if you are looking to set up a home office or a space for the kids to do their homework, our selection of office furniture combines smart design with space-saving solutions to suit you. From desks and document storage to comfy seating, we've got you covered when it comes to home office furniture.


Your home office should inspire focus, productivity and calm. By investing in furniture that is comfortable, beautifully designed and with incorporated storage to keep clutter at bay, you can create an environment that will truly help you to work at your very best.

How to arrange furniture in a small office

There are several things that every workspace needs: a desk, comfy and supportive seating and smart storage. The rest is up to personal preferences, your individual needs and how much space you have to play with. Even the smallest of spaces can be set up as a workspace, including under the stairs and a cosy nook in the living room. For small rooms, opt for a slimline console desk and position shelving on the wall above the desk to make use of space that would otherwise be wasted. Ensure that your chair tucks away under the desk when not in use, and you can create a compact home office in even the tiniest of areas.

Some of our favourite home office ideas for rooms of every size include placing an air-purifying house plant on the desk and installing floating shelves for a compact storage solution.

How to clean office furniture

Office furniture can be cleaned easily with two microfibre clothes. Use a slightly damp cloth to wipe dust and any spills from your desk, shelving and the arms and legs of your chair. You can then go over the surfaces again with a dry cloth to remove any leftover dirt. Dust regularly to prevent a build up. If your office chair has fabric upholstery, you can spot clean this with a damp cloth and some gentle detergent.

What is modular office furniture

Modular office furniture can be configurated to precisely suit your needs. While this modular office furniture is most commonly used in commercial office spaces, our range of fitted office furniture allows you to find a bespoke office furniture solution for your own home too. You can choose your preferred finish, size and any combination of drawers and cupboards.