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Curtain Rails Tracks

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Simple and quick to install, curtain tracks provide a flawless solution for drawing your curtains. Curtain tracks are also subtle enough to suit any curtain pole. Whether you’re looking for metal, plastic, heavy or lightweight tracks, discover our range of these essential curtain accessories.


The right curtain tracks for you depends on your window or desired finish.

The first thing to consider when buying your new curtain tracks and track brackets is location. You can either place the track across the front of your window or inside your window’s opening – this will help sweep curtains over the areas you want covered. From there, gauge window shape as this will help inform your decision. For example, if you have bay windows, we recommend plastic and bendable tracks as these adapt much better to your window’s unique shape.

Finally, before installing any tracks, choose between lightweight or heavyweight based on your curtains. Similarly, consider if you’d like a corded track to facilitate drawing your curtains or if you’re looking for a more decorative design to keep curtains in place.