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Living Room Furniture

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Ever flop on the sofa and notice you’re not the only thing looking tired? If your living room could use a bit of a makeover, we’ve got all the tables,shelves and storage you need to transform it into a space that makes you feel calm and relaxed at the end of the day.

Found just the thing to put your cup of tea down on? Great. You should be sitting comfortably now, but if you’re not, take a look at our range of sofas and we’ll see if we can’t fix that too.


Whether it's an evening relaxing in front of the TV, a coffee morning catch up with a friend or a moment's peace with a great book, our living rooms are one of the most used rooms in the house. Create the living room of your dreams with living room furniture from Homebase. In our collection you'll discover coffee tables in a variety of styles, from minimal modern design to timeless homely options.

What furniture is usually in a living room?

A living room is a space to sit, relax and socialise, so it requires practical but beautiful furniture that will allow you to do all these things and more. A comfortable sofa is a given, but the addition of an armchair or two will ensure that you always have room for a few extras. A coffee table or side table is also a good idea, providing a place to put drinks and snacks when you've got friends over (as well as somewhere to eat for relaxed TV dinners).

Speaking of the television, this is an important feature of most living rooms. A TV stand or sideboard will provide storage for consoles and cables, as well as acting as a stylish centrepiece.

Browse our categories to find the perfect TV stands, side tables, bookcases, nests of tables and more to pair with your chosen coffee table style or existing living room furniture. At Homebase you'll also find a beautiful collection of sofas and armchairs to relax on too. We think you'll love the variety we have on offer, from classic sofas and corner sofas, to chaise longues and an incredible range of armchairs and occasional chairs.

How often should you replace your living room furniture?

Good quality living room furniture will last a lifetime - especially tables and bookcases. However, eventually you may notice that your sofa feels a little more soggy than it once did. This is a result of wear and tear, and is inevitable with any upholstered furniture that is used regularly. If you notice that your sofa or armchairs are less supportive and the cushions are feeling lumpy, then it could be time for a refresh. If you're particularly attached to your chairs, then an upholsterer may also be able to re-cover them and revamp cushions with new filling.