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Storage Tubs

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Storage tubs are perfect for a whole host of uses. From laundry to general storage, these plastic flexi storage tubs will certainly be handy to have at home. Choose from a variety of colours - the bright colours will be great to use as toy storage tub!


Handy for DIY tools or to store all kinds of home essentials, use these multi-purpose plastic storage tubs to stash and carry all your bits and bobs.

Whether you want to keep your laundry essentials together or have all your hair products to hand, we’ve storage tubs in shapes, sizes and colours to help you organise your things. Eye-catching enough for use in shelving units or to put out on display, choose colourful storage tubs to clear clutter and free up surface space.

Also handy for days spent weeding in the garden, our flexi tubs squeeze into small places, so don’t have to worry about them taking too much room in the shed. In the kitchen they let you tidy as you go, collecting vegetable peel or dirty cutlery. For jobs big and little, we’ve got small and large plastic tubs to match.