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Pest & Insect Control

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Whether it's insects or slugs and snails, pests can cause havoc in vegetable patches and flower beds. With pest repellents and some easy plant protection measures, you can keep your garden growing from strength to strength.


Despite efforts to tackle weeds, a regular watering routine, and keeping hungry birds away with garden netting, our gardens can sometimes fall victim to a variety of pests. From slugs munching on your prize lettuces to ant infestations and persistent mosquitoes, insects and pests can hamper your enjoyment of your outside space.

If you enjoy BBQs with friends and family over the summer months, but are less fond of the midges and mosquitoes that can come with dining outdoors, an insect repellent will ensure that you can eat and enjoy your space in peace. From insects and slugs control to rodent control and fungicide, our pest control range includes products to target a range of problems. With pet-safe and non-harmful options to choose from, you can also rest assured that your garden is still safe for furry friends and inquisitive kids.

To ensure vegetable patches and flower beds that are strong and healthy, we recommend using pest control alongside regular plant food treatment, watering and weeding. For some more lawn and plant care tips, take a look at these simple summer garden ideas.