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Tile & Cupboard Paint

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Are you wanting to paint your kitchen cabinets, tiles, cupboards, wardrobes or entire kitchen unit? Freshen up your kitchen or wardrobes with cupboard paint from Homebase. It's perfect for giving your kitchen cabinets a little update or changing their colour completely. Choose from a paint sprayer or roller set from our Paint Tools & Accessories for quick and easy application.

Revive your kitchen or bathroom with our selection of ceramic and tile paints. Our tile paint for floors and walls is available in a range of colours, is easy to apply, and provides a durable, long-lasting finish. It can be used to completely transform your shower or kitchen, or to make minor changes to existing surfaces.

It's time to make your cupboards and tiles stand out. Find the perfect tile and cupboard paint at Homebase.

A fresh coat of kitchen unit paint can work wonders for revitalising and brightening up your kitchen and living space. You can find great kitchen cupboard paint colours at Homebase, from glossy sheens to wood-effect paints.

Painting wardrobe doors is another fantastic way to bring new life to your home. Scroll through our entire range of wardrobe paint to discover the very best colours and styles, from sophisticated woody hues to vibrant greens and blues.


Frequently Asked Questions

What paint should I use on kitchen cabinets?

When painting kitchen cabinets, we recommend using acrylic latex-based paint, not vinyl. Latex paint is far more durable than other types. It also comes in a variety of styles, including matte, semi-gloss, gloss and satin.

What paint should I use on kitchen cupboards?

The best paint for kitchen cupboard doors is satin, semi-gloss or gloss. These types of kitchen cupboard paint are typically easier to wipe down and have a greater resistance to grease and cooking fumes. They're also more durable against chips and scratches than matte paint.

How do I paint wardrobes or cupboards?

Follow this quick step-by-step guide on how to paint wardrobes or cupboards:

Step 1. Cleaning - Scrape the wardrobe or cupboard surfaces you're painting by using water and a non-abrasive cloth. This will help you get rid of any grease and dust. Make sure you give the surfaces time to dry after cleaning.

Step 2. Sanding - You can make sure your surfaces are as smooth as new by using sandpaper or a sanding block (no more than 120 grit). This will also help the new paint stick better.

Step 3. Priming - Priming your wardrobe or cupboard surfaces is especially important if they are raw, ply or untreated wood. A primer is typically 70% paint and 30% water (or a specific primer). Leave the primer to dry before painting.

Step 4. Painting - Apply your wardrobe or cupboard paint starting with the frames and applying in even strokes. Once the frames are done, paint from the inside out.

Step 5. Drying - Make sure you give your wardrobe's fresh coat of paint plenty of time to dry. Generally, painted wardrobes and cupboards take around one week to dry.

Can I paint kitchen cupboards?

Yes you can paint kitchen cupboards quite easily, especially if they're wood, wood-laminate or metal cupboards. Plastic laminate cupboards may be more difficult to paint without proper preparation and special paints. You can find a great range of kitchen cupboard paint here at Homebase, covering a variety of surfaces.

Can I paint ceramic tiles?

Yes, you can paint ceramic tiles using specialist paint. Paint for tiles is designed to provide a durable, water-resistant coating for ceramic surfaces and it's a great way to refresh your bathroom or kitchen.

Can you paint kitchen and bathroom tiles?

You can paint bathroom and kitchen tiles. Painting tiles in your bathroom and kitchen floor or wall is a fantastic low-cost way to transform a room. Ceramic tile paint lasts a number of years, as long as you take the time to prep your tiles first.

How do I paint kitchen tiles?

Follow these steps on how to paint tiles:

1. Clean the tiles you intend to paint using a cloth and a gentle detergent. Ensure that the tiles are completely dry before you begin painting.

2. Cover any surfaces you don't intend to paint with dust sheets.

3. Using a brush or roller, take your chosen tile paint and add a coat of paint to the desired space.

Can you paint over shower tiles?

Yes, you can paint shower tiles. This is a great alternative to removing your tiles and replacing them. You just need to use shower tile paint.

How can I remove paint from tiles?

There are several methods for removing paint from tiles. You can first try scraping it off with a utility knife. If this doesn't work, try softening the paint with a damp towel and using a heat gun to loosen it. When the paint has softened, you can try scraping it off again. Make sure you wear a mask for safe breathing as you work. For stubborn paint stains, try paint remover or white spirit.

Does tile paint work?

Tile paint can add new life to your rooms. You just need patience, time and the best quality tile paint for the desired result. However, in areas with a lot of foot traffic or water, tile paint can often chip or peel away in a short time. So it's best to choose your tiles carefully before painting.