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Breathe life into your outdoor space by planting fruit and vegetable seeds or flower bulbs. Our range includes everyday favourites like parsley, to more exciting options such as tarragon, and flower bulbs that will brighten any garden in bloom.


Not only can you make your garden bloom with colourful flowers, but you can also benefit from your own crop of deliciously crunchy carrots or juicy tomatoes, with fruit and vegetable bulbs and seeds.

Add an extra element to your garden with our herb and spice seed range - fill a space with fragrant scents while adding tasty garnishing options for your kitchen. Even if you’ve only got a few plant pots on your balcony, make the most of your growing space.

Whether you want to grow a perfect vegetable patch or a beautiful wildflower garden, revamp your garden with the Homebase selection of bulbs and seeds.