Sealants & Damp Proofing

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Protect your home from creeping damp with all the sealant products you need for a strong and waterproof home.

Whether you need damp-proofing products or sealants, look no further than the Homebase range. Find a wall sealant ideal for plugging unsightly holes, or emergency damp proof sealant to take on repairs. For added protection, use a damp proof membrane alongside wall sealant for waterproofing that lasts. Repair tired gutters, create a tough seal for your driveway or invest in water repellent masonry products to keep your home shielded from the elements – whatever your DIY needs, your home will be watertight.

From course rolls to aerosols, there are many simple ways to create a home that stays dry and cosy. Discover a world of protective products in the Homebase building range.