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Tower Fans

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Designed to take up minimal floor space and sit discretely in the corner of a room, a tower fan is a sleek, effective and adaptable cooling solution. Use alone or combine with a desk fan to stay cool and comfortable on even the hottest of days. Choose from a variety of brands and sizes - from a compact 18 inches to 46-inch tall tower fans. With remote control tower fans also available, keeping cool has never been easier.
With timers, speed settings, and fixed or oscillating modes, tower fans offer a cooling solution that's completely customisable to your needs. Our range includes a variety of styles and finishes, helping you to find a fan that sits unobtrusively alongside your interior style. Tower fans are compact, making them easy to store and move around the home. For some helpful advice on choosing the best fans and air conditioning for your home, take a look at our air conditioning buying guide.

How do you cool a room with a tower fan?

While pedestal fans use blades to cool a room by drawing air through the unit to create a cooling draught, a tower fan sucks air in through discrete side vents. This air is then expelled through the front of the unit, circulating around the room and causing a cooling effect.

If you find you’re still overheating in bed or your room’s not cool enough, a little DIY trick is to freeze a few water bottles and set those on a tray in front of your fan so it mimics the cooling effect of an air conditioning unit.

Do tower fans cost a lot to run?

Tower fans are a very cost effective way to keep cool, as they require far less electricity to run than an air conditioning system. Typically, the larger your fan, the more energy it requires. As tower fans are compact and lightweight in design, they can be considerably cheaper than a heavy metal floor fan. Check the wattage of your tower fan, as this will give you an idea of how expensive it will be to run - the higher the wattage, the more electricity is required for the fan to work.