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Established more than 35 years ago, Aqualux is a European specialist in designing, developing and creating beautiful bathrooms. From Aqualux showers to Aqualux shower trays and accessories, every product in the company’s range offers a perfect combination of functionality, quality and style. Aqualux shower enclosures come in a wide range of shapes, sizes and styles to suit any shower room or bathroom. Aqualux bathscreens are available in sleek new designs and offer a neater and more stylish alternative to shower curtains. They’re easy to clean and give your bathroom a spacious feel.


Upgrade your bathroom with sleek accessories and contemporary designs from European bathroom specialists Aqualux - including glass shower doors, trays and screens.
For a sleek addition to your bathroom or en suite, browse the range Aqualux shower enclosures and shower trays. With thick safety glass, these units are perfect for busy family homes and add a stylish touch to any bathroom. Choose from a whole host of sizes and shapes to fit seamlessly into your space. If you’re just looking to enhance the look of your bath suite, you can replace traditional shower curtains with stylish bath and shower screens to add a modern touch.
Available in a variety of styles and colours, Aqualux shower screens, enclosures and accessories can be easily fitted. Explore the Homebase collection today.