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Furniture Paint

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Painting furniture is a great way to revive and upcycle your favourite pieces to create something truly unique. Homebase offers a selection of furniture paint for wood, including chalk furniture paint in a range of colours. We also offer a range of furniture paint types, including matt, gloss, and metallic paints.

Whether you need wardrobe paint for an upcycling project or a range of paints and tools for a large job, Homebase has everything you need.


Replacing furniture can be expensive, not to mention awkward. Luckily, painted furniture is both affordable to create and totally unique. A new coat of paint on wooden furniture can leave it looking brand new or help it suit a certain style. Homebase offers paint for furniture in a range of colours and finishes, giving you everything you need to get creative.

Browse our extensive range of furniture paint today and revitalise those beloved pieces that make your house a home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use wall paint on furniture?

It is usually fine to paint on wooden furniture with latex wall paint. However, you'll need to use a primer on the bare wood and sand between coats of paint. You will also want to finish by sealing the paint once it has dried.

How do I seal painted furniture?

Sealing is an important part of decorating wooden furniture. Painted furniture may look nice, but you also need to take steps to protect it from scuffs that come with regular use.

Furniture sealant will usually come with specific instructions for application, so be sure to read yours carefully. This can apply to the tools you use as well as the temperature of the room you work in.

Once the sealant is properly mixed, you can begin applying it in thin, even coats. Two layers will usually be enough unless the piece gets a lot of wear and tear, in which case you should use three to four layers.

Can you paint high-gloss furniture?

It's usually difficult to apply paint to glossy furniture, as the surface does not adhere to the paint. However, as long as the wood is in good condition, painting it shouldn't be too difficult.

Start by thoroughly cleaning the surface using sugar soap. Once it's completely dry, you can then begin sanding the wood. This should leave the surface perfectly ready for you to begin applying furniture paint.

How to seal matt painted furniture

Using sealer is a great way to protect painted furniture and keep it looking lovely.

Once you've chosen a primer, check if it has any temperature recommendations. You can apply the sealant itself in thin, even coats. When painting furniture with matt paint, two layers will usually be sufficient, though for high-traffic furniture we recommend applying three to four layers.