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Keep your fire burning over the cooler months with our range of kindling, logs and stove fuel. Whether you rely on a multi-fuel stove to keep the house cosy or a log burner to create an inviting atmosphere, find everything you need to keep your fire burning brighter, longer and cleaner.

With a wide array of stove fuels available, from firelighters to smokeless coal and kiln-dried logs, keep your home feeling toasty and warm.


From charcoal for family barbecues to winter fuels for keeping the house cosy during cooler months, our range of fuels includes something for all purposes.

If you're looking for stove fuel, dried hardwood logs are well-loved for their high heat output. Stocking up on kindling and firelighters will ensure that lighting your wood-burning stove is quick, easy and hassle-free.

What is the best fuel for a BBQ?

If you have a gas BBQ, you have the choice of propane or butane BBQ gas bottles for fuel. Propane is often the most popular choice, thanks to a lower boiling point which makes it an efficient burner all year round. However, butane is sometimes considered to be the more energy efficient fuel, as it will produce more energy compared to propane if the same volume of fuel is burned. This means it can last longer, making it a good option if you're firing up the barbecue several times a week over the summer months.

Traditional BBQs have the choice of briquette or lump charcoal. Lump charcoal is a natural fuel with no additives, while briquettes are a uniform shape made from compressed charcoal dust and other ingredients. The best type to use depends on your preferences. Lump charcoal burns more quickly and leaves little ash behind, whereas briquettes burn more uniformly but will leave more ash residue.

Always read the manufacturers safety information when using fuels.