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Accent Chairs

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Liven up your living space with an accent chair. Available in a wide range of styles and shades, occasional and accent chairs are a wonderful multi-use seating solution that can liven up any space.

Whether you’re looking to bring a new texture into your space, fill the empty corner of your lounge, or accessorise a desk or dressing table, our assortment of statement and accent chairs will help bring your room to life.


Accent chairs are a wonderfully decadent seating option for any room and can help you make a real style statement in your home. Create a cosy reading nook in your bedroom, or opt for a colour that contrasts with your living room sofa to add a little extra design interest.

Make a statement with jewel-toned velvet upholstery or keep things sleek and sophisticated with muted neutrals. From Art Deco scalloped shapes to Scandinavian-inspired boucle options, there's something for every interior style!

Accent chairs are a fantastic way to add a grown-up feel to any room, making them a must-have for entertaining spaces. Accompany with a coffee table and some statement lighting to create the perfect spot for enjoying a cup of tea or a glass of something cold.

For more interior design advice, take a look at our guide to creating luxury at home and browse our sofa collection to find the perfect pairing for your accent chair.

Do accent chairs need to match?

Whether you plump for matching accent chairs is completely up to you! If you’re into a mix-and-match style, you may be tempted to select an accent chair that contrasts with your room’s décor. You can keep it complementary or make it eclectic with our range of accent chairs.

Can you have just one accent chair?

Of course! If you’re more limited on floorspace, one accent chair is more than enough to infuse your space with a little luxury. If you do choose just one accent chair, be sure to match it to your current décor style as otherwise it may become lost.

What is the point of an accent chair?

As well as to add more seating options for your guests in your home, accent chairs are a simple way of making a bold statement in your home. With an accent chair, there’s no need to dig up your paintbrushes or change your curtains. You can simply liven up any space with an accent chair.