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Franke Titan 1 Bowl Composite Sink Graphite

Franke Titan 1 Bowl Composite Sink Graphite

Franke Titan 1 Bowl Composite Sink Urban Grey

Franke Titan 1 Bowl Composite Sink Urban Grey



Kitchen Sinks

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Our selection of single kitchen sinks offer both functionality and style. Transform your cooking space into a culinary haven with a sophisticated black, white, grey or silver kitchen sink from Homebase.

Created with you in mind, our inset and undermount kitchen sinks are designed to withstand daily use while adding a sleek, stylish statement to your kitchen. Whether you prefer a modern kitchen sink with a stainless-steel finish or a traditional ceramic design for a farmhouse-chic style, we have the perfect sink to suit you.

We have a selection of large and small kitchen sinks so you can find the best option for your kitchen. If you want to save space, opt for a single basin kitchen sink, or choose a sink with a drainer if your kitchen is busier.

Many of our kitchen sinks are reversible so you can make sure it aligns perfectly with your kitchen waste pipes and even choose which side your drainer is on.

You can browse the full range of sinks online or visit us in-store to see what is on offer. If you are looking for advice for a full kitchen renovation, you can book a free inspiration consultation or design appointment with one of our experts today.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do you unblock a kitchen sink?

There are a few ways you can unclog a sink. Take a look at our blog, how to unblock a kitchen sink, for more advice and step-by-step guidance.

How do you clean a kitchen sink?

"To clean a kitchen sink, you should follow these steps:

1. Clear away any dishes, utensils or debris.

2. Wash your kitchen sink with warm water and wipe away grime.

3. Add a sink cleaner and then scrub the sides and bottom of the sink.

4. Clean the drain by removing build-up with a small brush.

6. Rinse the kitchen sink thoroughly to remove any cleaner or loose bits of dirt."

Why does my kitchen sink smell?

"Smelly sinks are unpleasant and can be caused by food or grease build up, blocked or clogged pipes, mould, mildew or even plumbing issues.

We recommend you follow our guide on how to unblock a kitchen sink to clear food and grease build up. If your sink still smells after you have tried to unblock the drain, you may need to get in contact with a plumber who will be able to advise you on next steps."

How deep is a kitchen sink?

There isn't a standard depth for a kitchen sink, which is why all of our products have dimensions listed. For information on specific kitchen sinks, please take a look at the individual product pages.

Can you replace a double kitchen sink with a single?

Yes, but your new kitchen sink must be able to be slotted in or fitted under where your old sink was. If you are completely revamping your kitchen or are replacing the worktop, you can simply cut a hole to the size of your new sink with very little issue.