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Wall Mounted Shelves

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Wall shelves are a beautiful way to display your favourite ornaments, trinkets and treasures. Browse our collection of wall mounted shelves to find the style that best suits your home. Bespoke wall mounted bookshelves are a fantastic addition to your living room storage, whereas sleek wall shelves for a bedroom are the perfect place to show off your much-loved photos and framed prints.


Frequently Asked Questions

When you want to up your organisation or make a display of pictures and trinkets, all you need to get started is some wall mounted shelves. A wall mounted shelf gives you essential storage space right where you want it, whether you need a home for files and photos or want to keep valuables out of reach of little ones.

What types of wall shelf are there?

With wall shelving in lots of convenient shapes and sizes, it’s easy to create your own customised storage space in just the right spot. Just browse our range of quality wall shelves that come ready for you to fit.

There are high gloss styles for a sleek, modern look and pretty pine options for a cool, Scandinavian vibe. All that’s left for you to do is mix, match and arrange our wall shelving into something that works for you.

How to build wall mounted storage shelves

Hanging shelves really couldn't be easier. All of our wall mounted storage comes with clear installation instructions, as well as all the parts you'll require. All you need is yourself, a power drill and a willing volunteer to help if this is your first time putting up a wall mounted shelving unit.

What type of wood is best for shelving?

When choosing wall mounted storage, you want to opt for a material that is hardwearing but lightweight enough to be hung with ease. MDF and similar wood laminate materials are perfect for wall mounted shelves, as they offer the attractive look of solid wood shelving but are lighter and easier to install. If you are hanging your shelving with more heavy duty fixings on an external wall, then heavier solid wood designs are also a good option. Our range includes both MDF and solid wooden wall shelves, so you can find the right fit for you.