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Whether you’re primping, preening or practising your poses, discover our wide range of mirrors here at Homebase. From full-length frames and accent mirrors to garden and dressing table mirrors, we boast plenty of styles and shapes to suit any space.


The ideal blend of glamour and utility, mirrors are an indispensable piece of furniture that instantly transforms a room.

Their versatility makes them easy to add to any room, from blank spots above fireplaces to handy hallway hangings for final outfit checks before you head out the door. So, whether you’re looking for a new statement piece in your living room or a new dressing table mirror, explore our wide range of mirrors here at Homebase today.

Which mirror shape makes a room look bigger?

Depending on their size, shape and positioning, mirrors have the unique ability to make rooms appear larger.

For example, long wall mirrors can make your ceiling appear higher, especially when opposite natural light or a doorway.

What kind of mirror should I get?

The type of mirror you choose is entirely dependent on where it’s going to be placed and what it’s going to be used for.

If your mirror is going to be predominantly used as decoration in your home, it’s a good opportunity to go for a slightly unorthodox shape or style – a heart-shaped frame lends a romantic touch or choose an arched mirror for some rustic charm. However, a traditional rectangle, circle or square can look equally as appealing.

Alternatively, if you intend to use your mirror regularly, a full-length frame is the ideal way of checking your outfit each day. The best dressing table mirrors are easy to manoeuvre and illuminate should your vanity be positioned in a darker space.