Heat Guns

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Heat guns can be used for a variety of DIY jobs. From stripping paint and varnish to bending plastic pipes, welding pipes and much more. At Homebase you’ll find a range of heat guns available from a variety of top power tool brands. Find the ideal heat gun for your DIY tasks in our collection today.
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Heat guns are an efficient tool to remove paint from timber, but they’re also great for stripping varnish and a range of other DIY tasks. If you need a heat tool to get paint off staircases, banisters, architraves, doors and more, you’ll find a brilliant range at Homebase.

With variable heats available, you’ll soon make short work of drying out damp wood or paint, bending plastic pipes, welding pipes and shrink-wrapping. Used safely you can also unfreeze pipes in winter with a low setting. For that you’ll need a variable temperature tool, and we have heat guns for sale with different speed settings.

Browse our selection of heat guns and get a headstart on your next DIY job using the very best products on offer.