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Tarpaulins are always useful to have around your home and garden. Whether you use them for keeping garden furniture dry in the cooler months or to protect building materials when not in use, they're an affordable and versatile addition to your home and garden toolkit. Explore a vast range of sizes and weights, whether you're after a heavy duty tarpaulin or a light sheet to keep power tools free from dust.


Frequently Asked Questions

Cover everything from your garden furniture to building supplieswith the selection of tarpaulin sheets from Homebase. An essential piece of kit for professionals and DIY lovers alike, tarpaulins are a versatile necessity when it comes to home improvements.

Which is the best waterproof tarpaulin?

From value tarpaulin covers to heavy-duty tarps, you’ll be able to find the right one to suit your budget. We have a wide range of sizes on offer to suit any project, big or small. Our choice of tarpaulin covers are made from high-quality materials, so you can feel confident they’ll effectively protect your building materials, patio furniture or anything else they’re covering.

What colour tarps last longest in the sun?

Though the colour of your tarpaulin will not affect how well it works, you may find that you notice colour fading more quickly with darker shades. Choosing a tarpaulin that can withstand prolonged sun exposure will help it to protect your garden furniture, tools and any other items more effectively. The material your tarpaulin is made from will affect its response to strong sunlight. Look for models made from a PE or PVC material, as these will have been specifically designed to withstand sun exposure.

How thick does a tarp have to be to be waterproof?

The waterproofing of a tarpaulin is not always determined by its thickness, but by the material that it is made from. If you need your tarpaulin to be waterproof, always check the product description and opt for a heavyweight model where possible. Polyethylene (PE) tarps that are at least 105gsm will be waterproof in most conditions, as well as offering resistance to mildew.

Browse the range of tarpaulins for sale at Homebase to find the right ones for your building or household needs.